The "EGH" Company was founded on June 2nd 1997 and registered at the address Fallerovo šetalište 82 in Zagreb. Some would say it was founded "with own means", but it would be much closer to truth to say that the company was founded without any actual means but a box full of tools and extraordinary desire for work and progress.

The initial idea was for the company to deal with electrical engineering - heating - cooling (as the name itself says - in Croatian, that is), but rather soon it was realized that was too wide field of interest and business activity. Despite the fact that the profit was being made and the growth tendency was present, basic activity of the company very soon focused on the cooling domain. Since the market in Croatia was full of companies that did not have its primary activity and huge knowledge and experience in it, narrowing down the business activity very soon proved to be a wise business move.

Clients soon recognized us as a good and reliable company that is ready to solve even the most complicated problems in the domain of cooling, so, accordingly, increasing the amount of work and the number of qualified workers was something that simply had to happen.

Today the company has 8 employees, 5 vans and a 7.5t truck. We operate in the ring of 200 km around Zagreb, and if necessary we will go to places more remote.

We are proud of the fact that we have educated our employees, and out of young people with little or no previous work experience in the field, but very eager to work and to develop further, we created one of the leading repair teams/networks in Croatia.

Our goal is to consolidate the existing positions in the region and outside, and to increase the number of people employed. We also plan to start production of cooling technology components that are requested in the market, and some foreign business partners have shown interest for the same field.

Contact us and address us with trust! You will encounter high quality of service and quick solution for every problem.